Description of files and subdirectories in pub/NetBSD: This directory contains files related to NetBSD. NetBSD is a freely available and redistributable UNIX-like operating system. NetBSD is based on a variety of free software, including 4.4BSD Lite from the University of California, Berkeley. It runs on a large number of hardware platforms and is highly portable. It comes with The X Window System, complete source code, and is user-supported. NetBSD is currently at release version 9.3 Files and directories: NetBSD-8.0 The NetBSD 8.0 release NetBSD-8.1 The NetBSD 8.1 release NetBSD-8.2 The NetBSD 8.2 release NetBSD-9.0 The NetBSD 9.0 release NetBSD-9.1 The NetBSD 9.1 release NetBSD-9.2 The NetBSD 9.2 release NetBSD-9.3 The NetBSD 9.3 release NetBSD-current Daily snapshot of the NetBSD sources under development NetBSD-release-8 Tri-weekly snapshot of the NetBSD 8 release branch NetBSD-release-9 Tri-weekly snapshot of the NetBSD 9 release branch NetBSD-release-10 Tri-weekly snapshot of the NetBSD 10 release branch README This file README.export-control Please read this before exporting the sources arch binary snapshots, typically of "current" images ISO/USB images of NetBSD releases iso The former home of the above ISO/USB images misc misc. stuff, mostly Usenix BOF slides packages Source and binary distributions of application software security Security advisories and patches See // for older, unsupported releases, NetBSD 1.0 through 7.2.